Celebrate Christmas with "Book II: Christmas Songs" from The French Touch' Collection, skillfully arranged by Maëla Raoult, and now available on sheetmusic direct, scorexchange or at your favorite bookstore.
Within the pages of this second volume, you will encounter beloved Christmas classics expertly arranged for clarinet and piano. Each song is thoughtfully bound to a freely accessible video, accessible by scanning the QR code, enhancing your learning experience.

Delve into Book II of "The French Touch’ Collection," an educational method carefully designed by Maëla to guide beginners in learning the clarinet step by step.

Rediscover the Magic of Christmas

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Christmas melodies, specially adapted for apprentice clarinetists. Re-explore the holiday spirit with timeless carols, including "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," "Deck the Halls," "O Christmas Tree," "We Three Kings," "Silent Night," "It's Almost Day," "Angels We Have Heard on High," "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," and more. These melodies are meticulously arranged to ensure ease of play for first and second-year clarinetists.

Share with Family and Friends

Experience the joy of playing with family and friends as you engage with a specific piano accompaniment arranged to complement the clarinet's chalumeau register. The scores can also be adapted for other instruments, but the piano accompaniment is thoughtfully tailored for Bb instruments. Expand your repertoire and embrace the holiday spirit by allowing yourself or your child to practice while having fun.

Video accompaniement for Enhanced Autonomy

To make learning effortless and enjoyable, each song is linked to a video. These videos offer an auditory and visual guide, enabling you to hear the melodies clearly and visualize fingerings and techniques at any moment. The videos are effortlessly accessible via QR code, offering students a high degree of autonomy. A simple scan with your smartphone grants you access to the video corresponding to each song.

Empower Your Musical Journey

These videos empower students to read, listen, and play their scores independently, with or without a teacher. This method provides an engaging and playful approach to learning. Experience the joy of learning through fun and celebrate the Christmas spirit with your family. Give your child the freedom to progress at their own pace, with or without a teacher, with the videos accompanying each song.

Available Now

"The French Touch’ Collection: Christmas Songs – Book 2" is available in both eBook and print formats. You can find it on sheetmusic direct, scorexchange or at your local music store.

Begin your clarinet journey today!